It’s OK To Hate Being Single

It’s the bane of every single person’s life. Well, one of the banes. Along with being on the receiving end of friends’ substandard matchmaking attempts, and seeing everyone’s engagement photos on Facebook while you’re preparing a meal for one. But throw a coin, and it’s guaranteed to hit someone who will come out with something along the lines of:

“Why do you hate being single? It’s SO MUCH FUN!”

“When you’re single it’s so much better- you can do whatever you want!”

“Relationships are sooo overrated!”

And it’s really annoying.

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The Insecurity Of Being Single

Confidence exists on a spectrum. On one end, insecure. On the other, confident. I’d say I lean towards the confident side. In a conversation about solo travel, my friend once remarked that I’m one of the most fearless people she knows. And she’d be right. I went through my insecure phase in my teens, travelled alone in my early twenties, dealt with a lot of hardship along with way, and those things combined made me blossom out of my cocoon into the glorious self-assured mid-twenties woman I am today. I’m not walking around with my nose in the air, but I know my own worth. I’m what you call quietly confident.

However, that confidence quickly begins to evaporate when it comes to men.

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16 Things Every Girl DOESN’T Have To Do Before She Settles Down

I came across an article on my Facebook feed recently titled “16 Things Every Girl Must Do Before She Settles Down”. Immediately my heart sank. Articles like this are a pet hate of mine, because instead of giving actual useful advice for things that you should be doing before considering marriage (e.g. discussing important issues like where you want to live and how many children you want to have), they’re generally a lovely mish-mash of marriage demonization, and shaming of conservative women.

Instead of being a union of two people who are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together, marriage is portrayed as some kind of impending doom, so you need to do as much crazy partying and casual sex (regardless of your personal preferences) now to make up for it.

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