Dating Etiquette

The explosion of dating apps is both a blessing and a curse. One the one hand, we’re now no longer fucked if we don’t find someone at school or university. No longer reduced to keeping your fingers crossed for an office romance, you now have access to unlimited amounts of singles looking to mingle at your fingertips.

However, increased choice and decreased consequences has also led to a decline in standards to behaviour. From ghosting to benching to hyping, new terms are invented every week to describe people’s shitty actions.

So to raise the tone, I’ve decided to do my bit for the dating scene, and put together a quick guide to dating etiquette.

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6 Dating Rules To Break

Dating is a tricky area to give advice on, as you’re not dealing with facts, you’re dealing with fickle humans. So you could do everything right and get it wrong, or do everything wrong and get it right, if that makes sense. However, many people try, and some even earn a living from doing so.

While sometimes it seems like everyone is telling you something different, there are certain rules or advice that seem to crop up again and again. Some of it may be useful, but some of it I have to disagree with. Here’s when I think you should rip up the rule book.

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