Doing It by Hannah Witton Review

For those of you unfamiliar, Hannah Witton is a pretty famous vlogger who covers sex and relationships, along with some lifestyle and politics/ feminism stuff too. She won Best Sex & Relationships Influencer at the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards last year, and this year she released a book on sex and relationships, brilliantly titled Doing It.

I’m one of the few people who seemed to have a positive sex education growing up. I had sex education in school at age 9 that covered how it works, contraception, not getting pressured and the like, and I learned a fair amount from teenage magazines too. But looking back, it was quite one-sided. It seemed to be the expectation that you’d get a boyfriend, fall in love, agonize as to whether you’re “ready”, then have sex. So I got to 18 yet to find a boyfriend and was like whaaaaa? But plenty of people don’t get into a relationship until their twenties. Some people aren’t that fussed about sex “meaning something”. Some people are gay, bisexual, or asexual. Some people just aren’t that interested in sex or relationships at all.

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This Is Why You’re Single Book Review

One of the problems with a lot of the dating advice on the market today is that it’s a little out of date. With the explosion of dating apps and the cultural shift in morals, some of the dating advice books I absolutely LOVED in my late teens are a little out of date in today’s dating market with regards to some of the advice offered. And some “dating experts” are horrendously out of touch- not naming names but if you’ve been married for decades are you really qualified to be doling out dating advice in 2017?

One book that isn’t out of date though, is This Is Why You’re Single, by Laura Lane and Angela Spera, published by Blink Publishing. Inspired by their own dating misadventures, the authors decided to put together a sketch comedy show in 2013, and following on from this a book and a podcast in 2015. And for anyone currently on the dating scene- it’s so relatable!

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