The Insecurity Of Being Single

Confidence exists on a spectrum. On one end, insecure. On the other, confident. I’d say I lean towards the confident side. In a conversation about solo travel, my friend once remarked that I’m one of the most fearless people she knows. And she’d be right. I went through my insecure phase in my teens, travelled alone in my early twenties, dealt with a lot of hardship along with way, and those things combined made me blossom out of my cocoon into the glorious self-assured mid-twenties woman I am today. I’m not walking around with my nose in the air, but I know my own worth. I’m what you call quietly confident.

However, that confidence quickly begins to evaporate when it comes to men.

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The Importance Of Confidence When Dating

Last week, I decided to run a little social experiment of Plenty of Fish. My height is currently listed as 5’9″ (I actually came in at 5’8.1″ last time I got measured, but you have to round up to account for the Male Height Exaggeration), and I get some messages, but not the hundreds you hear about women on dating sites getting. So for research purposes, I changed by height to 5’3″ for a day to see what the outcome would be.

The next day, the number of messages I received doubled. They were mostly weird, so no big loss, but I decided to announce my findings on Twitter.

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