The UK Blog Awards

Right guys, I’m up for an award.

The UK Blog Awards essentially do what it says on the tin- they are there to recognise and celebrate the best in blogging. One thing I love about the awards is that they’re so diverse; rather than just the usual fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogs, there are categories for marketing, automotive, and of course DATING (although sadly there is no sex category- THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!). Overall though it’s great to see blogs and vlogs outside the main clique get recognised. They also have categories for individual and company influencers.

uk blog awards dating blog

I’ve entered my blog in the UK Blog Awards’ dating and lifestyle categories. Lifestyle there was probably no point, but I would really love some votes for the dating category. I’m definitely not expecting to win. There are more established writers than me who have it in the bag. However, it would be AMAZING to make the shortlist, attend the event, meet other cool bloggers, and of course gain publicity for my blog. So if you love my blog, I would really appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes to vote for me. It might not seem that way, but running a blog takes a lot of time and dedication, so it’s always nice when you receive some form of recognition.

You can vote for me in the UK Blog Awards here. 

Side note: You can vote for more than one blog in each category, so if you love one of the other writers too never fear!


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