The UK Dating Awards 2017

Last week, there was what was referred to as the “Christmas party” of the dating industry- the UK Dating Awards.

The UK Dating Awards were set up in 2014 by Charly Lester, the author of the #1 dating blog at the time The 30 Dates Blog. She noticed that there weren’t really any awards to celebrate the best of the dating industry- for example, in blogging, she’d often have to enter the general “lifestyle” category as there wasn’t a category for dating blogs. So she set up the awards to provide some form of recognition for the best in the industry, but more importantly, to gather everyone together to network have a great evening.

uk dating awards 2017

This year’s awards were hosted at the Honourable Artilery Company, which is a really incredible venue. After a drinks reception, we headed to our tables. I was placed on what I learned afterwards was supposed to be the “young, fun table” (I inwardly high fived myself for managing to be considered young and fun), which included bloggers Eve Greenow and Paul Thomas Bell, and Tinderella Worldwide.


uk dating awards 2017

The entertainment of the evening came from Out Of The Blue- an all-male acapella choir for Oxford University. Absolutely LOVED them as I’ve loved acapella choirs since watching Pitch Perfect. The awards were presented by Alix Fox who was super-nice and funny too. The award in my category went to Paul Thomas Bell- which was kind of expected as he has 13K followers on Twitter or something ridiculous- and highly commended went to Gaynor Evans. I was definitely not expecting to win, but I did get thinking, it would be nice to win something at some point, so it inspired me to keep working and growing this blog, and maybe next year…

Afterwards we drank, and danced for a while. Got chatting to Katy Horwood about our shared political views, plus Ané Auret about enlisting her services to help me find a husband before my eggs run out. Left it too late to get the 1.34 train home, so ended up staying out for drinks with a few others from the industry, before eventually getting the 3.34 train back to Reading. If you’re reading this- apologies to the man who tried to chat me up on the train home who I kind of blew off- but I was EXHAUSTED by this point and incapable of maintaining a conversation.

uk dating awards

the dating awards

Aside from motivating me to work harder with this blog, the evening had another positive effect. The dating community is being SAVAGE on Twitter at the moment, and the lifestyle blogging community winds me up just with how petty it can get. But everyone at the awards was SO nice and I was reminded of how many great people there are in the dating industry.

Same time next year?

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