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Fitzrovia Date Ideas

I think Fitzrovia is the perfect place for a first date. Mainly because I work there, so it’s convenient for me. Jokes aside though, Fitzrovia is nice and central meeting point, plenty to see and do, and a backdrop worthy of Instagram. On the downside though, a lot of the venues tend to be a little overpriced, and a lot of the bars tend to be private members-only venues. But fear not, I’ve put together a list of Fitzrovia date ideas that, although super-cool, won’t break the bank.


Ideal for: Any date

demartino 1

Demartino is a traditional Italian restaurant serving a variety of pasta, fish, and meat dishes. The food is standard price, main courses range from £9.90 to £16. Although it looks a bit plain from the outside, the inside decor is full or character. The walls are adorned with wine racks and old Italian photographs, and each table is fitted with the classic white tablecloth. The restaurant is fairly small and cosy- creating the perfect vibe for an after-work dinner date.

dermartino 2

Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen

Ideal for: First few dates

fitzrovia date ideas

Go for an informal dinner or just drinks at Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen. Situated underground, the venue features a hut-themed bar and decorative lamps true to it’s name. Handy for an after-work drinks date, as Monday-Friday there’s a happy hour where you can get selected bottled beer for £2.50, or a bottle of wine or cocktail jug to share for £12.50. If you get hungry, the menu is classic pub food with a few sharing plates thrown in.

fitzrovia date venues

date ideas in fitzrovia

Sagar Fitzrovia

Ideal for: Vegetarians and vegans

fitzrovia date ideas

I’m a vegetarian, and I love Indian food, so if anyone wants to take me on a date anytime soon, let’s go to Sagar. In all seriousness though, if you’re looking for vegetarian food but not a “clean eating” fanatic, this place is perfect. The menu contains a variety of delicious classic curries, dosa pancakes, and lentil pizzas, all at standard prices (a curry dish will cost around £7). A great deal of their food is suitable for vegans (although there are a few paneer dishes), and it’s so tasty that meat-eaters will probably love it too.

sagar fitzrovia date ideas

Reverend J.W. Simpson

Ideal for: First-second dates

fitzrovia date venues

The perfect vibe for just getting to know each other, Reverend J.W. Simpson is a cosy little cocktail bar situated underground (seems to be a recurring theme in the area!). There’s a main bar plus a quieter backroom, where the minature tables are adorned with white tablecloths, candles, and postcards. The staff are super-friendly and will come to your table with a glass of water on hand, and the menu contains a variety of cocktails priced at £9-£13 plus wine and beer. No main dishes, however you can order olives as a snack!

Which date venues in Fitzrovia would you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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