Why Is No-One Blogging About Dating Anymore?

Something has shifted in the blogosphere. It’s something I’ve been feeling for a while. But no-one has really mentioned it. Until now.

Why is no-one blogging about dating?

A few years ago, I set up an anonymous blog for a bit to document my online dating experiences, along with a random mishmash of travel and lifestyle posts. During this time, Charly Lester’s 30 Dates Blog was in full force (which was one of my favourite dating blogs OF ALL TIME for the record), along with several other big dating blogs. Then, there was a huge community of smaller dating blogs, both on WordPress and on social media. I’d have people comment on my blog, find other cool blogs to follow, and have tonnes of engaging, dating-related content to devour.

why is no-one blogging about dating anymore

Fast-forward to today. In the UK, I’d say there are three main dating blogs. As for small to medium size blogs, there are a handful… but that’s it.  There’s a definite dating-related community on Twitter, but most of those people are tweeters, not bloggers. While fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogs seem to be multiplying like rabbits, it seems people just don’t want to write about dating anymore.

So why is that? I’ve come up with three possible reasons:

1. There’s not as much of a market

The beauty blogging marketplace, for example, is oversaturated. The plus side of this though is that there are a lot of people reading beauty content and looking to follow and interact with other beauty bloggers. Although it’s harder to stand out, it shouldn’t be too difficult to build an audience. The fact that there are fewer dating bloggers makes it easier to stand out, however there are fewer people looking to read your content.

2. It’s not that lucrative

Sure, if you you build your following up to 10K you’ll probably get a few brand collabs. However, the fact that it’s still a smaller industry means you’ll get far fewer opportunities than you would if you blogged about say, fashion. In the lifestyle niches, you can probably get a decent bit of side hustle with a modest following.

3. There’s a bit of a time limit

A big part of dating blogging is blogging about bad dates, single life, and so forth. But everyone finds someone eventually, and when you do, content material tends to dry up a bit.

These are all perfectly valid reasons. However, I still think we should start blogging about dating again. Here’s why:

1. It’s great reading

No disrespect to any of the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers out there. They’re all great content creators who have a lot of fans who love the work they do. But I find a lot of that content can get a bit… samey. I don’t want to read about lipstick. I’d rather read a longer length piece of prose with an opinion, even if it’s one I disagree with. Dating blogging has personality. It can be engaging. It can be funny. It can get political. People have different opinions.

2. There aren’t many dating bloggers

This means rather than an oversupply, there is a shortage of good dating content. If you want to start a dating blog, the time is now.


But other than starting a dating blog if you want to but haven’t already, what else can you do to bring back the dating blogosphere?

Well, for a start, follow other dating blogs. Don’t just follow the big ones. Keep an eye out on Twitter for lesser-known dating bloggers with awesome content.

Share each other’s content. If you read a good post, retweet it or post it on your Facebook page. Recommend good blogs to your friends and followers.

Don’t just promote big bloggers. If you have a big platform, give a smaller blogger a shoutout. Heck, even do that if you have a small platform.

They say to practice what you preach, so to round up this post, here are some up-and-coming British dating blogs you need to be following if you’re not already.

1. Never Settle (@evegreenow)

A fellow finalist in this year’s UK Dating Awards, Eve has been blogging about dating and relationships for a while now. Her blog is super-sleek, her Instagram feed is absolute GOALS… oh and she’s really lovely in person too.

2. The Single Swan (@thesingleswan)

Read about dating from a slightly different perspective. Self-described “young(ish) single mum” Pen writes some seriously good content on dating, single parenting, and a bit of political stuff too.

3. Lucy Goes Dating (@lucygoesdating)

“Dating diary”-style blogs can get a little dull sometimes, but I get excited every time I see Lucy has written a new post because her blog is SO GOOD. Written in a quirky third-person writing style, this blog is seriously funny and so relatable.


Why do you think people aren’t blogging about dating as much anymore? And what smaller blogs would you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

51 thoughts on “Why Is No-One Blogging About Dating Anymore?

  1. Ahhh, lovely Alice! Thanks so much for the support! I think you’re absolutely right about all of this in general – though if folk are worried about me disappearing, fret not. With my total lack of success with guys I’m pretty sure I’m going to be around for a good long while to come…

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  2. Thanks for sharing this list of other dating bloggers, Ill go check them out. You are so right though as to why there are so few of us. But if anything I think it should spur us on instead of deter us in carrying on blogging about dating 🙂 xx

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  3. This is super interesting. I’ve been in a relationship ever since I started blogging so it was never really an option for me. I love reading dating blogs though, but I just think people can be reluctant to share too much online!


  4. I stopped dating about blogging when I stopped dating. I never really rated most dating blogs in the first place, just sweeping generalisations and click bait. I unsubscribed from most of them this year, not because it was no longer useful to me, but as you commented – the quality has really gone down. I still occasionally read the brilliant And That’s Why You’re Single. It’s great medicine for all the superficial fluff that’s still around.

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  5. I remember there being a plethora of dating blogs when I first started blogging, but while I still follow them the vast majority lie dormant now. Some of the writers fell off the face of the earth, the rest simply found someone and saw no need to blog anymore. I don’t even blog about dating anymore because, well, I’m not dating anymore. The few dating blogs still out there are hard to come by, and most disappoint me with their lack of smutty, graphic details. I guess dating blogs were a fad that has been supplanted by beauty and fashion and travel blogs like you said.

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    1. Yes I think the purpose of blogging has definitely changed- it used to be just about getting your writing out there, now it’s about making money.

      Also if you want smutty graphic details, maybe try following some sex blogs?


  6. I think you’re spot on in a lot of people not blogging about dating because they’ve found someone or they don’t find it to be a lucrative. You’re right that the time line usually doesn’t last that long and so it’s easier to have a blog that focuses on a lot of other things. I’ve found my other fellow dating bloggers thanks to twitter so it’s always fun to see what escapades they’re up to. (:

    Single Vegas Girl


  7. This is something I’ve never really thought about but you made some really good points about it. My dating knowledge is very limited so I think that’s why I don’t really know much about this blogging niche. I’ll definitely be checking out the bloggers you’ve listed!


  8. There are still some of us blogging on the topic! Maybe you mean Millennial dating? That might also be an age and stage thing as people have suggested – partnering up and dropping out of blogging. I’m more interested in going deep into sociocultural meaning and post-internet relationships, as well as documenting through memoir experiences that I think often define dating in the current era. Hang in there 🙂


  9. Cheers for those links – I’ve been after a few new blogs to follow! I’ve only recently been blogging about it all myself; there are even blogs relating to guys blogging than there are those aimed at women.

    Still, I’m not blogging for money so will keep going for as long as I find it interesting; I feel a need to write, so for as long as that continues so will I, regardless of whether or not anyone actually reads it!

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  10. I’ve literally just started a blog about dating and being a single mom! I hope to reach single mom’s that have time to date, as I couldn’t find anything online aimed at someone in my position when I became single. I’ve had so many dates now, and even though my stories are entertaining, I’m starting to think I’ll be single forever haha! Thanks for the list of recommended bloggers, hopefully I can get some inspiration! X

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  11. Thanks for posting this! Excited to read your recommendations, especially as I’ve only recently started a blog of my own – all about my ridiculous dating life of course. It’s slow going at the moment, but mostly I’m not sure how to get my writing out there. I’m keeping it anonymous right now so I can spread the word through friends and family etc. Any tips? Good news though: I’ve been keeping dating journals for the last 8 years so little chance of me running out of material any time soon!


  12. I have just started a blog about my dating experiences. I started it as I think that’s dating these days is so much harder and by putting our experiences out there we are in a way supporting one another.
    Im no lyrical genius but hey I am enjoying it and that’s the whole point isn’t it?! Making people smile even I feel it’s yourself.


  13. I think people may not be blogging about dating as much because of your #1 reason, not much of a market. I feel like people may be too proud to go out and search for good dating advice or insight. What’s more, people are reading less and less. So, when you have so many people who don’t seek help and don’t read, what are we to do?

    I’ve recently started a dating blog where I give advice based on my own experience with dating, Just like its domain name, my material is pretty straightforward. Great post btw!!


  14. I’ve been following your blog for a bit, and I came across this post. I’ve been blogging for a while now, but I never made it public. Just my own personal tomes. I’d post them on social media, but never in a format such as WordPress. I post my personal experiences with dating, and I post “advice or strategy” to help those who are lost in the dating whirlwind.

    I believe the reason people don’t have blog like these as much as they used too, is, it takes time to do, and if it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense. It was popular before, and now it’s not. Also, like someone said earlier, people don’t read as much. They are more “Video-based.” Which is why vlogging is becoming so popular and you see more dating vlogs than blogs.


  15. Welcome to My World – Suddenly Single in San Francisco -Dating at 50 in San Francisco – I’m Page Larkin – A Dating Specialist, consultant, lecturer, and support system for a lot of singles.

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  16. Nice post. I just started a dating blog. Blogging about my dating life as I get ready to turn 40. So far it’s been interesting. Not sure if I’m more open to dating bc I’m writing about it or bc I know I don’t have much time left, perhaps both. 😉


  17. Thank you for the recommendation of blogs to read. Very interesting and entertaining. I would welcome any questions you may have for a single 47 year old man or to offer my perspectives. My sisters always liked my opinions. Cheers!


  18. Great read! I think you’re right, there is not much of a market for dating blogs because it’s hard to monetize it. I have been writing about dating – along with some other topics sprinkled in – for a few months now. It’s been a slow start but I’m getting the hang of it. Feel free to check it out 🙂 –


  19. I feel like dating stories make the best material…. A lot of my blog posts make reference to dating, I couldn’t not write about it! I love reading others articles on the topic so I try and include regularly my own..


  20. I have just written a post about dating and adult attachment theory-I need to hear other people’s experiences-will check out your recommendations 🙂


  21. I totally get what you mean. I’ve recently started blogging about my experiences with dating and I’m struggling to find fellow feminista bloggers to share my ridiculous anecdotes with. I think there’s some element of stigma around women having the confidence to talk about the woes of the dating world…which is a massive shame. Great post! And thank you very much for the recommendations 🙂

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