Christian Speed Dating @ Speed Dater Review

I’ve had a bit of an on-off relationship with religion. I went to Church as a kid, but it eventually fizzled down to just Christmas and Easter. Then I got fed up with the Christians I hung around with at university and became an atheist. However over the past couple of years I’ve come around to the idea of religion again, and recently I’ve been toying with the idea of dating a Christian. I guess I’m old fashioned in the sense that I feel like sharing my body with someone has some form of significance, so I can’t stand the mentality that some men have where they want to have a go on you to see if you’re “worth” dating. So sometimes I feel like a religious man with more traditional values could be what I’m looking for. I once tried using Christian Connection, but it’s just a generally bad site (that’s a post for a whole other time), which was a shame because it seemed like everyone on the site was looking for a genuine relationship, and in terms of politics most people had listed themselves as conservatives. So I decided to give Christian speed dating a go.

christian speed dating speed dater review
The Ruby Room at Jewel (apologies for blurriness- was taken on my phone)

I booked via Speed Dater, who do all kinds of speed dating events in London including some Christian events. The event I went to was hosted in the Ruby Room at Jewel near Piccadilly Circus which was perfect- classy and unique decor, and the tables were spaced out nicely throughout the room- the one I was situated in a little alcove which was just right for dating.

With speed dating, it’s important to go in with the right mindset. Although I think the concept is a great idea- you get to see the person in the flesh and hear their voice before you commit to a 2 hour date- I’ve found most guys tend to be averse to paid events so the guys there usually end up being a bit weird. Although my friend met her boyfriend speed dating so you never know. I think the best way to go about it is see it as a night out rather than a failsafe way to meet The One, bring a few friends if you can, and if you meet someone that’s a bonus.

The format of the event was similar to other speed dating events I’ve been to- you get 4 minute “dates” with each person, with a break in the middle and a bit of time afterwards for drinking and mingling. You fill in a scorecard saying “yes”, “no”, or “friend” for each person, and you can log into the site the next day for your matches- although I think if you click with someone it’s worth just exchanging numbers at the event.

I was interested to see how religion would affect the dynamic, but overall it was fairly similar. Most of the guys there weren’t really my type, one guy seemed pretty cool but annoyingly he was quite a bit shorter than me. Although I will say that everyone was super-nice and friendly and seemed to be on the same page regarding meeting someone with shared values to have a serious relationship with. And some of the women were seriously attractive- so if you’re a straight man it’s definitely worth going.

Overall I’d say the event is worth going to if you’re looking to meet someone of the same faith, however as with all speed dating events, if you’re a woman take it for what is it- a night out and an experience and anything else is a bonus. If you’re a man on the other hand- I’d seriously recommend reconsidering your stance on paid events, as I feel the odds are stacked in your favour.

Have you ever been to a Speed Dater event, or Christian speed dating? How did it go? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Please take no notice of Zoe Strimpel, and hold out for perfectionism. You are right, she is wrong. I am in my 50`s , and I have children in their 20`s.

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