The 4 Types Of First Dates

Advances in technology mean that as long as you’re not weird over messages, it’s easier to get a first date than ever before. However, not all first dates are created equal. Unless you massively luck out, before you meet The One, you’ve got a hell of a lot of first dates to sift through who are well, not The One. So behold, here’s my quick guide to the main types of first dates you can expect to encounter.

types of first dates

1. The Horror Story

Everyone who’s done online dating has one or two. The date that you entertain people with at parties. I’m not talking about lack of chemistry or things in common, I’m talking about a date that was actually HORRIFIC. Perhaps the guy or girl was weird, or a catfish. Perhaps they lied about their age by 20 years and thought you wouldn’t notice. Perhaps they tried to bill you for their taxi home. Perhaps they walked out halfway through, or the date was so bad that you walked out halfway through. When you leave the date, you feel completely deflated, and resign yourself to a lifetime alone. But you perk up later on when you entertain all your friends with the story, and if you have a dating blog, it makes great material. In some ways, it’s not as bad as the alternative, which is…

2. The Dud

These aren’t bad dates. They’re not bad people. But you can tell about 5 minutes in that they’re not the one for you. Perhaps they don’t look like their pictures. Perhaps you’re a tall girl, and he lied about his height. Perhaps they came across as really witty and intelligent over text, but a little awkward in person. Or perhaps you can’t put your finger on it… but you just don’t click. One of these every now and again is to be expected, but the WORST is when you’ve been on 10 dud dates in a row and start losing the will to live. At least a bad date is funny in retrospect, but a dud date is just… boring.

3. The Maybe

Seems promising. Can hold a conversation. Didn’t lie about height, weight, or age. Could potentially be your type. You’d be surprised at how much or a rarity this is when doing online dating. So worth a shot. There’s not quite enough chemistry there and then for a kiss, but it’s worth a tentative second date. Admittedly he line between the Dud and the Maybe becomes blurred depending on how open you’re feeling.

4. The Good Date

Just when you’re feeling fed up of the Horror Stories, the Duds, and the Maybes that don’t go anywhere, once in a blue moon comes the Good Date. In the first 30 seconds, you assess that you like their looks and their personality. Over the course of the date, other facts emerge that tick of boxes on your list to the point where it’s spooky. You start worrying that you’re not good enough. But they seem keen. At the end of the night, you kiss and make plans to see it again. Perhaps it works out, perhaps it doesn’t. But it uplifts you to know that there are good people out there, and maybe you’re not destined for a lifetime alone after all.


What kind of first dates have you been on? Let me know in the comments!

17 thoughts on “The 4 Types Of First Dates

  1. I’ve definitely experienced each of these types of dates before in my lifetime. Hopefully not too many people have to go through the horror or the dud dates too many times but it’s life’s way of balancing things out.

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  2. The Horror Story

    I don’t and I feel left out 😦 The closest I ever came was a woman who kept insisting that she was “much prettier in real life than the photos do justice”. The first thing she said when she sat down was “I told you I was prettier in real life”. She was, but that’s not the point. The fact that she kept feeling the need to go on about it was more of a problem.

    In all seriousness, I think I’m probably slightly pickier than most guys. I won’t trade off desired personality traits just because she’s good looking. If somebody came across as an ugly person on their profile, selfish, self-obsessed or entitled, that’s an instant no from me even if everything about her was my type physically.

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    1. That’s pretty good going. Although arguably I think you need one good horror story as a go-to to entertain people with if they ask you about your dating experiences.


  3. I haven’t been on many dates without already kind of knowing the person so I haven’t had any horror stories yet thankfully! Someone trying to get you to pay their taxi home sounds pretty bad


  4. This is spot on! You have to kiss a lot of frogs in the dating game aha. There’s also the friend zone date where you think they’re great but it’s just not romantically there. I’ve had my fair share of those haha

    Beth x


  5. OMG the horror stories I have! Although I must now check out your story about the taxi billing because that is just incredible. For me the most common scenario is feeling nothing, no attraction and having to work hard at conversation, but wondering whether this is as good as it gets! You really know when you find someone that you ARE attracted to, and the pheromones and other elements all line up. Trouble is they are one in a million. I spend most of my time trying to figure out whether I find someone attractive or could tolerate them in bed because of that LACK of immediate response. And how’s this for a common bugbear – people who dominate the conversation entirely about themselves and don’t allow air time or ask questions of their date. I went on a 2 hour date yesterday and the guy did not ask ONE THING about me, and rambled on about himself and his boring life for that whole time!


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