5 Reasons I’m A Bad Dating Blogger

Some people with the aim of making more money, breaking out of the 9-5, or becoming the next Zoella. While those things would be great, even if you told me I’d never make a penny from this blog and my following would be capped at the number it is now, I would still blog. Because I love writing about dating. It’s something I think about around 90% of the time. So it gives me joy to formulate my thoughts into blog post, hear your feedback, and chat about it with strangers on Twitter.

But I got thinking. I’m actually a really bad dating blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being self-deprecating about my writing style. But if you were looking for a dating writer and looked at my life, I’m probably the last person you’d pick.

reasons I'm a bad dating blogger

Here’s why.

1. I Don’t Really “Date” People

I go on a fair few dates. Probably not enough, but enough to say I’m actively dating. But it’s mostly first-second dates and not a lot more than that. I never really meet anyone I’m that into, and when I meet someone I like through travelling etc. they’re never as keen. When I meet other single-and-dating people, they seem to go through periods where they’re “seeing” people, and I wonder what’s wrong with me. But thinking about it- I’m more of an “all or nothing” sort of person- I either don’t fancy someone enough to date them, or I really fall for them and want a relationship with them. It’s just a different approach, not inherently better or worse.

2. I Don’t Like Dating

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading and writing about dating. But I hate dating. Other people seem to enjoy the process. But I don’t like messaging back and forth on apps about how you day’s been. I’d rather just cut to the chase and instadate. I don’t like the taste of alcohol, and I find drinks dates really dull and overpriced. I’d rather spend money on a meal I enjoy, but guys get skittish if you mention food. Although the flaking and ghosting gets irritating, I actually enjoy the process of friend-dating, because I get to natter with another woman for a couple of hours and usually end up having a good time. But although I get on with guys just fine and have plenty of male friends, I just don’t seem to gel as well with men, and a lot of guys on apps are a bit socially off, so I don’t really have a good time on dates. For me, dating is more of a means to an end.

3. I Don’t Like Talking About Sex

Most dating blogs seem to be more dating and sex blog hybrids. Which makes sense, I mean the two are obviously intertwined. But while I’ll talk about sex as a part of dating from time to time, there’s no way I’d call this a “sex blog”, or even a “dating and sex blog”. I don’t sleep around, and if I was sleeping with someone I was seriously seeing, I’d rather keep the details to myself. The trend these days seems to be being more open, which I guess is fair play to them, but that’s just not my thing.

4. I’m Not That Great At Blogging

I read a post the other day from another blogger who feels she’s a writer, not a blogger, and that struck a chord with me. I like writing. I’m good at writing. But I’m not that great at blogging. I got into the creative flow and splashed out on the Olympus PEN E-LP8, and I’m trying to get into photography, but my Instagram’s still not going to be winning any awards any time soon. And while I can mingle pretty well and get on with most people just fine, I don’t seem to make actual friends that easily, so I feel like I’m never going to be part of the blogger clique.

5. I Date Counter-Culturally

Although most people I know my age are in relationships, there seems to be this expectation that if you’re single, you’re supposed to be happy that way. Most people I meet who are dating aren’t necessarily averse to settling down, but aren’t actively seeking it. A lot of people seem to date for the sake of dating. I’m the opposite- I am dating to actively look for a husband, or at least an actual boyfriend for a change. If I’m seeing someone, it’s to look at going towards a relationship. And I’m more of a sex= love than sleeping around kind of person, which doesn’t seem to fit the cultural narrative.

But at the same time, I feel like the reasons I shouldn’t blog are simultaneously reasons I should blog. A lot of content in the blogosphere, as great as it is, can get a little samey. So I feel like there’s a need for diversity. Sometimes I feel like I’m not relatable enough for people to appreciate my content. But then at the same time, I feel like it’s possible to enjoy content you don’t agree with word for word, and appreciate a different opinion. And of course, there are probably some girls out there who also feel like they’re dating in the wrong era.

Am I a bad dating blogger? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons I’m A Bad Dating Blogger

  1. Your blog is natural from the heart and genuine. If it was another blog with “5 ways to make him your toy!” or “6 things you need to buy RIGHT NOW before you go on a date with him!” and “Dear Alice…” type articles I would have unsubscribed long before now.

    The problem with most dating blogs is that they have become a parody of themselves, promote bad advice and just copy each other. Yours is genuine, discussing real fears, actual events and presenting a real person. That, in itself, makes it worth reading even if I completely disagree with one of your posts.

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  2. I loved this post! Your honesty is refreshing. Although my dating stranger days are long gone, (I do still date my husband lol) I agree wholeheartedly with lots of your points. I too would blog regardless. I love it and have no expectations of what it could bring, but I do long for the engagement and interaction. Fab post x


  3. I don’t think you are a bad dating blogger. I think we have to be authentic and that shows in our writing/blogging. Life isn’t all roses so yeah write about what you know as there are definitely people out there that might feel alone and need to hear a different account. Go girl.


  4. I didn’t know that dating bloggers are a thing, how fun is that. I’m also person that doesn’t like dates that much, I feel like whenever I go on date I’m the one that does all the talking which is so annoying. xx


  5. Blogging is tough to gain traction. It’s often tough to have organic followers. Really though, you should be proud of what you do and remember that it’s for you in the first place. Followers and comments and likes etc are a bonus 🙂
    I enjoyed that! Keep doing what you’re doing x


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