5 Facts About Me

Some of you may have been following this blog for a while (and hopefully enjoying my posts). Some of you may have just stumbled across this page and are wondering what the hell this is all about.

If you are a regular reader, you’re probably used to my hard-hitting dating features or bad date stories. But today, I decided to do something a little different and give some background on the girl behind the blog. And if you’re a new reader, well, this is probably a great place to start.


1. Love is my life goal

Some people blog about dating because they needed to write a blog and just randomly picked dating. Some people blog about dating, but they’re just enjoying the process and aren’t fussed whether they meet anyone or not.

For me, dating is my absolute life. In primary school, I used to dream about one day going to “big school” and having fun teenage romances. Age 10, I turned down my place at the all-girl grammar school to go to the mixed local comprehensive because I wanted a boyfriend. And moving through the years, my desire for a relationship coupled with my inability to find one made me fascinated behind, well the psychology of dating I guess. Enter this blog.

2. I have a type

I’m tall for a girl- almost 5’9″. And much to the dismay of certain Twitter trolls, I’m only attracted to guys who are taller than me. So height is a thing.

I also lean towards blue-eyed blondes. However, I’ve fancied brown-haired, black, and mixed race guys before. So I don’t especially have a looks type. I have a personality type.

Growing up, I was always the shy, awkward, clever one. And I hated it. So every guy I’ve fancied hasn’t always been the best looking, but they’ve all had confident, very sociable personalities. The kind of people I could introduce at a party and be proud to be their girlfriend. And more often than not, they’ve been a bit below average on the academic intelligence scale, but who cares- I’m smart enough for two people.

3. My other passions are politics…

My ideal creative outlet would be a political YouTube channel- however I don’t think I could air my views without getting into some sort of trouble, so dating it is.

I’ve always been a bit of a political person. Growing up, I wasn’t that well-informed on political events- I based my decision in the 2010 and 2015 general elections on who had policies that would benefit me, or who had policies that would annoy people I don’t like. But I discovered Lauren Southern last year and got hooked.

I’m yet to join a political party as I don’t feel any of them represent the kind of views I align with (although that may change soon). However, I am passionate about creating a society that prioritizes workers, cares about the safety of the people, and values community and traditionalism.


4. …And travel

Behind my feminine exterior, I’m actually pretty outdoorsy. I’m into travel, and I don’t mean an Instagram-friendly city break or a beach or party holiday- I mean going to another continent solo and having adventures.

After university, I took a gap year where I volunteered in Tanzania- teaching English, and volunteering at an orphanage and another charity. In 2015 I went back to climb Kilimanjaro to rise money for the charity I worked for. Last year, I volunteered at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand then spend another week in Chiang Mai. Next on my bucket list is either volunteering at a turtle sanctuary in Costa Rica or visiting my friend and some of my blog followers in New York City.

I want to experience as much as possible during my time on the planet, and as the saying goes, the world is a book, and those who don’t travel only see one page.

5. I’m a charitable person

Despite being called a bigot, fascist etc. every time I express an opinion on social media, I’m actually really charitable. Through the charity I worked with in Tanzania, I sponsor a child- I give money each year which goes towards school supplies so he can continue his education, plus extra tuition. Oh and I donate to Amnesty International each month too as I felt sorry for the sales girl who stopped me on the street.

Along with flakers, one of the biggest things that annoys me is uncharitable people. When I was fundraising for the Kilimanjaro fundraiser, along with getting people to sponsor me for the climb I also ran a few events. One of these was a charity dinner, which I held on my birthday to make people feel obligated to come. The fee was £10. I paid for the food out of my own pocket, provided 3 courses and drinks, and donated again myself. It was a real struggle getting people to attend, people complained about having to pay, or even signed up to come then cancelled because I wouldn’t let them in for free. I was FUMING. That is an attitude I just can’t get my head around.

So that’s me, what are some interesting facts about you? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “5 Facts About Me

  1. I absolutely love politics and travelling too – politics is such a vital part of day to day life. I’m 5″9 too so I really understand the height troubles my boyfriend is luckily a little taller than me x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


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