The Liebster Award

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept (which I was up until I got nominated), The Liebster Award the brainchild of The Global Aussie- the aim is to help smaller bloggers grow and discover new blogs. If you are nominated for the award, you must answer all the questions set by the nominator, then nominate other bloggers, and so it spreads.

I was nominated for the award by the lovely Travel Bear, a travel and lifestyle blogger who seems to share by bad luck in dating. I then also got nominated by fellow dating blogger Eve Greenow, so decided to make this post into a bit of a fusion between the two sets of questions.

the liebster award

What made you start blogging?

I’ve always been into writing, and experimented with a few of the earlier platforms in my youth (Myspace blog, Xanga), so it was always something that was on my radar. When I started online dating, I thought it would be cool to have some sort of blog to document my experiences so I started blogging anonymously, then later switched to this one.

What have you found most helpful since starting your blog?

I’d say Twitter. This time around I’ve put more effort into social media interaction, so although this blog isn’t the biggest blog in the world the engagement has been really good, and Twitter has been the main way I’ve been able to put my content out there and gained followers.

What inspires you everyday?

Conversations with friends, other blog posts and articles I’ve read, or sometimes just random thoughts that pop into my head.

If you could go back and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

If you choose to get into debt paying for higher education, at least go to a university where the gender ratio works out in your favour.

What’s your biggest dream and do you think it will ever become reality?

My biggest dream is to have a proper relationship, and I seriously hope it becomes a reality.

When do you find time to blog & do you struggle?

I work full-time and have a long commute, so I do my blogging over the weekend. I struggle to fit it in if there’s other stuff going on over the weekend, or if I’m just in a lazy mood.

How important is mental health to you and what is your experience of it?

Mental health is important me- but my experience of it is too long to fit into Q&A format so I’ll leave that for another time.

Do you like yourself & do you think you have Self Love?

I like the person I am, however my lack of dating success really knocks my confidence as I always wonder things like “What’s wrong with me?”, “Why are the guys I like never interested?”, and “Why her and not me?”.

What do you gain from blogging?

Good question. I’m yet to gain anything financially from this blog, however I’ve made some decent mates and been to some cool events. Even if there were no other rewards though, I would still blog just for the joy of getting my content out there.

What is your favourite blog post of yours so far and why?

This one. Serious look at society in a humorous way.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Next on my bucket list is this turtle sanctuary in Costa Rica, or possible New York City.

“I’ve lost my number, can I have yours?” What is the worst chat up line you’ve heard?

“Do you want to go back to my room and mess around? I’m HIV negative.” (from a guy in a bar in Tanzania)

Given the choice of anyone in the world whom would you want as a dinner guest and why?

Lauren Southern. The traditionalist female friend I wish I had.

Out of all the countries you have visited, which one did you like the most?

Tough one. For a long-term trip I’d say Tanzania because it’s such an amazing place, and the culture is so different to the UK. But for a holiday I’d have to go with Thailand because there’s more to do.

The bloggers I’d like to nominate for the Liebster Award are:

Whatever Words

Daisy Belle


Pip Bugg


Anna Hopeful

And my questions are:

  1. What made you decide to start a blog?
  2. What’s your favourite thing about blogging?
  3. And your least favourite?
  4. What are your favourite blogs in your niche?
  5. And other niches?
  6. Do you enjoy dating? Why/ why not?
  7. What aspects of it do you think are the most challenging?
  8. What would your ideal partner be like?
  9. If you looked into the Mirror Of Erised, what would you see?
  10. If you could get an all-expenses paid trip to one country, where would you pick?
  11. What would your dream job be?

What do you think of my answers, and what would yours be? Let me know in the comments!

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