CLiKD App Review

I’m not denying physical attraction is important when it comes to dating. Not saying they have to be a supermodel, but you need some visual chemistry. Having said that though, personality is ultimately what you fall for, and having shared values can lead to a better match.

Luckily, there is now an app that combines the two. New dating app CLiKD enourages users to “discover the person behind the photo”. Users create a short personality quiz that potential dates must pass in order to match with them.

clikd app review

Michael Blakeley, Founder of CLiKD says: “With CLiKD, we help you avoid wasting time on people who look nice, but just aren’t right for you. No it’s not for everyone, but if you know what you want then CLiKD is for you. We will give you less matches but ones which are more relevant. And why is that? Well because it’s YOU who picks the three things that are important to you, and we only connect you with people who make the grade”. 

The app is fairly easy to set up: you can connect to Facebook and select your photos, then add your age, location, gender, and intent. Then comes the fun part- you get to create your personality quiz. You get to select 3 pre-written questions- all with 2 possible answers. The questions are in photo format which adds a cool visual element. I was hoping for some super-controversial questions so I could really get down to whether me and potential matches would have the same values, but everything on there was fairly PC. Eventually, I selected “Arriving at a party you are more like…” (answer: jumping into a pool), “Which are you?” (answer: a tiger as opposed to a cat), and “What does your next relationship look like?” (answer: newlyweds sitting on a country bridge), which I think gives a good overview of what I’m looking for, so I was satisfied. There is also the option of submitting your own questions on the CLiKD website if you have a particular criteria in mind that hasn’t been covered yet.

clikd app review

You can then specify the age range, gender, and distance you’re looking for, and you will be given recommendations every day. If you like the look of someone’s picture, you can click onto their profile and take their test. I went a bit crazy and started doing everyone’s test, but found it was accepting all my answers which I thought was a bit strange. Then I realised the app just doesn’t let you know whether you’ve passed or not. I feel this is a bit of a shame, as part of the fun of the tests is seeing which answers other people would pick. After a while I started getting “nudged” by people to take their tests (this is one of the app’s premium features), and got a few matches. As you have to pass each other’s personality tests before you match, you end up with far fewer matches than apps like Tinder or Bumble, but the idea is that the matches are of higher quality.

Overall I really like the concept of the app- the quizzes are highly addictive and I love the visual layout of the app. However like I said earlier I feel like the concept could be taken a bit further, and as you don’t get as many matches to choose from, it’s harder for matches to translate to dates as you can’t play the numbers game.

CLiKD is currently free to download, but you can upgrade to a premium subscription for £4.99 a month. This allows you to get more daily recommendations, take more tests, nudge users who’s tests you’ve passed, and get stats on your test. I think this would improve the experience, so could be worth trying out.

You can download CLiKD from the App Store or Google Play


6 thoughts on “CLiKD App Review

  1. Sounds like a brilliant idea. OKCupid has a similar system to fine tune your matches. You answer user-submitted questions and then rate how important the issue is for you. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people don’t spend that much time on them. It helped me get some great matches though.


  2. I’ve never heard of this app before but I think the concept (personality tests…) is brilliant!

    Gabija |

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