26 Things Learned By 26

I turned 26 this weekend. I was going to write one of those “X Things Learned By X Age” posts to make the #SundayBlogShare the day after. However, I forgot I can’t handle spirits, so on my birthday celebrations the night before, I drank a load of homemade cocktails and vodka-and-mixers during predrinks, then more vodka at the club. Was a good night, but ended up spending the next day in bed feeling like my head was about to split open, and running back and forth to the bathroom vomiting.

Sooo that’s why the post didn’t appear on Sunday. But I thought it was a cool idea, so here it is now.

26 Things Learnt By 26

    1. Work hard in school. Yeah being studious isn’t cool, but a lot of those “cool” kids end up in prison, and those “geeks” end up earning 6 figures.
    2. Don’t get too sucked into friendship drama. A few years from now, you won’t even know those people.
    3. Learn a language while you’re in school. It’s such a useful skill and much harder to pick up later in life.
    4. Don’t touch a python with a huge bite out of it’s neck. Although, it does make an amusing story.
    5. Drinking is great, but try and pick up a constructive hobby too. Preferably one that involves exercise.
    6. Again, drinking is great, but it’s best to drink an entire litre bottle of Strongbow to yourself. Or half a bottle of vodka. Actually, maybe just steer clear of spirits in general.
    7. Don’t panic if you don’t have a boyfriend by 16. Or 18. Or even 25. It may feel like you’re the only one, but trust me, you’re not.
    8. Having said that though, having a boyfriend is great, so make sure you go to a university where the gender ratios work in your favour.
    9. City universities are usually a better idea in general.
    10. But take a gap year beforehand. And travel in your holidays. It’s harder to find the time once you start work.
    11. Don’t waste time on guys who aren’t that into you. If you’re showing interest and he’s not reciprocating, drop him and move on. If a guy likes you, you’ll know.
    12. And seize new opportunities. Talk to new people. If you make out with a guy and you’d see him again, offer your number. Don’t rely on your immediate social circle.
    13. Anyone in a relationship, or worse still married, don’t bother with. He’ll flirt with you for an ego stroke, but he’ll never be your boyfriend.
    14. If a guy’s not that into you, don’t take it as a hit to your ego. You’re not ugly, or boring. You just weren’t his type. But you’ll be someone else’s, don’t worry.
    15. Don’t bother with friends who aren’t that into you either. Whether you’re trying to ignite a new friendship and they’re not fussed, or your former BFF has lost interest after finding a boyfriend or cooler friends, if they’re not enthusiastic, don’t bother.
    16. Likewise, cut off flaky friends. Your time is valuable and anyone who doesn’t appreciate that should be binned asap.
    17. If someone disappears on you, as in making a plan with you and failing to show up with no explanation, even if it happens just once, cut off contact with that person immediately.
    18. Start a blog while you’re at university. You’ll never have that much free time to spend on it ever again.
    19. Don’t get hung up on the “dream job”. Find something you’re interested in that pays the bills. Then pursue your passions in your spare time.
    20. There are jobs outside the big graduate schemes. Probably better jobs.
    21. It’s a good idea to get some work experience while you’re still at university. But don’t worry if you don’t, you can do it afterwards.
    22. Don’t make out with/ do stuff with/ have sex with anyone you don’t want to. Anyone who tries to shame you for that is a knob and should just be ignored.
    23. Don’t try and have sex with someone with a 9 inch penis if you’re not aroused.
    24. On the same line, it’s a good idea to get into sex toys before you have sex to avoid the “sausage through a keyhole” experience.
    25. Stand up for yourself. Call out bad behaviour.
    26. Have confidence in yourself. You are great. Who cares if insignificant people think otherwise?


  1. What life lessons have you learnt? Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “26 Things Learned By 26

  1. “Don’t make out with/ do stuff with/ have sex with anyone you don’t want to. Anyone who tries to shame you for that is a knob and should just be ignored” – SO AGREED. Especially because if the making out happens in public and then you wish you hadn’t, you can’t show your face there for at least a month. lol if not more! #lifelessons

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