ooOo Dating App Review

I’m not sure about you, but I find dating apps tend to be a bit samey. Tinder gained massive success due to it’s simplicity. You see a few pictures of someone and a short bio. Swipe right for yes. Swipe left for no. If you both said yes, you match and you can talk. So easy. So effective. It’s no surprise that a lot of other dating apps on the market tend to offer some variation of the same format.

Then you have the personality-based dating apps. The ones where you can talk, but have to wait a while to see a picture with the aim of making the process less shallow. The problem is, you can’t judge personality over an app. I mean yeah if they’re weird over messages it’s best not to meet in person, but it’s very easy to present yourself differently online to how you are in the flesh. Which is why you kind of have to be shallow until you meet in person… then judge personality.

ooOh Dating App Review

ooOo offers something completely different to the dating market. The app was created by founder David Minns, after he learned to create apps through watching YouTube videos and reading books, then created and marketed the app with no external investment. ooOo won Best New Dating Brand in last year’s UK Dating Awards.

The premise of the app is simple. You are shown the pictures of 4 app users of your preferred gender. You select the one you like the look of the most. If you both pick each other, you match, and you can talk. You get shown 4 sets of people per day, and you also have the option of skipping if none of the users tickle your pickle.

oooo dating app review

I really like the premise of the app, as it makes a welcome break from all the other swipe left/ swipe right apps on the market. My main criticism would be that you’re only shown 4 sets of people per day, as picking “who’s hottest” is fun way to pass the time on the train, although this is set to change once the app gains more users.

However, it affects gender dynamics in a way that doesn’t work out in my favour. A lot of men aren’t keen on apps like Tinder, as women are pretty picky with their swipes and men are much less so, which can result in women having more “options” when it comes to matches. With ooOo dating, women at least have to pick one person. And men can only pick 1 out of 4. As someone who has swiped through both men and women on various apps, I can fully attest to the fact that the women are of FAR higher quality than the men, and this app seems to be no exception. So men actually have the advantage here, as a reasonable-looking guy could easily stand out, whereas women have to compete with 3 other hotties for a match. This is probably why after a few days… I’ve finally got my first match! So men- make sure you download this app NOW.

Overall, the app is really well put together and offers a unique approach. It may not be a surefire way to meet the love of your life, but it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

You can find out more about ooOo dating on their website, and download the app on the iTunes store and Google Play

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