Smudged Lipstick Anti Valentine’s Day Party Review

I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day. Nothing wrong with the concept of course, just the fact that every year, I inevitably end up lacking a Valentine. The only relationship I’ve been in was during October-November, and the one time I had a promising Tinder date which happened to fall on Valentine’s Day, he flaked on the day. So evidently, me and Valentine’s Day don’t mix.

This is why I loved the idea of Smudged Lipstick’s Anti Valentine’s Day Party. Instead of reenacting the scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary where she starts singing along to “All By Myself” alone in her flat, singles of London can head out to a party, have a good time, and you never know, you might just meet next year’s Valentine there!

smudged lipstick anti valentines day party review

For those of you who don’t know, Smudged Lipstick is the brainchild of top dating blogger Jordi Sinclair from Thirty Something London. After growing sick of speed dating, he set up the fabulously-named events brand to add a bit of variety into the industry. Smudged Lipstick runs cool, alternative dating events such as jenga dating, singles life drawing, and dirty scrabble dating at various locations around London, and will soon be launching in other cities too.

The event was held at Proud East in Haggerston, which I’m not going to lie, was an absolute mission to get to. Not only did I get on the wrong bus, end up on the other side of London, and have to travel for nearly an hour to get back, but Google Maps decided to show the venue in a different location to where it actually is. So if the party is held at the same place next year and you fancy joining, head to where you’re directed to (you have to go through a gate into a residential area), then turn out onto the main path by the canal, turn right and keep walking, and there it is.

smudged lipstick event review

Once inside though, the venue was amazing. There was a bar by the entrance where you could buy drinks, a few little tables where you could play board games, plus a pinata that people were doing their best (yet failing) to smash. In the main room, there were tables where you could play a game of pool or ping pong. The decor fit with the anti-valentines theme, as shown below.

anti valentines day party review

I went to the party with my fabulous blogging friends, Tinderella Says, and Zey from Zekalin. However, it’s totally fine to go on your own, as everyone was pretty sociable. When entering, you’re given an “opener” card containing a phrase, and you have to find the person with the same phrase, which is a great way to find an excuse to talk to someone if you see someone who tickles your pickle, or you just want to socialise. The tickets weren’t separated by gender so it was a bit of a vaginafest. So men, make sure to book your spot next year as the odds are in your favour.

anti valentines party

Overall, it ended up being a really fun evening, and I’d definitely be up for going to another Smudged Lipstick event next year if I fail to meet The One by then. A party with good friends and good people definitely makes you feel more confident in your single status, and it beats getting flaked on by Tinder dates any day.

smudged lipstick event review

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