Dating Blogs To Follow

So this blog has been up and running for a few months now, and I’ve managed to share quite a few of my own views regarding the topic of dating. However, today I’m going to share something a bit different.

One of the things I love about blogging is that it’s interactive. It’s not just about posting an article then fucking off. It’s about interacting on social media, going to events, discovering other cool blogs, and meeting other cool bloggers. So here’s a shoutout to some other great dating writers I think you should be following.

dating blogs to follow

The Rules Revisited

In most fields, you have to have some form of qualification to be an experts. Unfortunately with dating, anyone can set up a blog, or write a book, and start dishing out dating advice so a lot of it is, let’s say, questionable. The Rules Revisited however is written by a 31 year old single, straight American man who’s played the field, and knows what he’s talking about. This blog is THE absolute Bible when it comes to dating advice for women. The no-bullshit articles cover everything, from adopting the right mindset, how to meet men, to dealing with guys’ shit, to maximise your chances of finding a husband.


Female Game For Girls In Their Twenties


All Sweetness & Life

Fed up of people who need a “safe space”, or a “trigger warning” on everything? Give All Sweetness & Life a read RIGHT NOW. When anything big happens in politics, head to the associated Twitter account, and you are guaranteed to find a haven of sanity. Written by 30-something Londoner Katy Horwood, this blog also covers a variety of dating, sex, and relationship topics. Last year’s winner of the UK Blog Awards, she also writes for The Metro and The Huffington Post.


“Everyday Sexism”?

As A Student Accused Of Rape Is Found Innocent- I Ask, Why Should Those Who Cry Rape Go Unpunished?

The Unfortunate Virgin

The Unfortunate Virgin is a dating blog written by a 30-something American who, up until recently, was a 31 year old male virgin. I usually get bored of dating diary-style blogs, but this one is so well-written I can’t stop reading. His stories of getting stood up, flaked on, and friendzoned are something we can all relate to, and you get a sense of character you want to root for, which as a writer is hard to do.


Start from the most recent post, then follow and read them as they come.

Pip Bugg

Discovered Pig Bugg through the UK Blog Awards and my first thought was “why doesn’t she more followers?”. These posts are PURE GOLD. The eponymous 4’11” (very jealous here) Londoner covers all things dating and relationships, plus a bit of political stuff too, with personality, wit, and refreshingly down-to-earth opinions.


Marmite Girl

Time To Lighten Up

Paul Thomas Bell

One half of the Glaswegian Dream Team, Paul Thomas Bell offers an open and honest account of dating from a man’s perspective, mixed in with a few celebrity interviews too. A far cry from the “game” blogs you often see by men bragging about how many women they have slept with, Paul is an all-round nice guy and refreshingly down-to-earth about the insecurities that men face.


4 Reasons For Bedroom Insecurities In Men

Be Careful Who You Sleep With

The Naomi Narrative

The other half of the Glaswegian Dream Team, The Naomi Narrative covers all things dating, sex, and relationships. Last year’s winner of the UK Dating Awards, Naomi’s blog is a nice mixture of personal experience and general dating thoughts, plus a few sex toy features to spice things up! She’s now happily loved up, but had her fair share of dating disasters back in the day, which are all on the blog for you reading pleasure.


The Date That Ran Away

Thirty Something London

Thirty Something London is a dating blog written by (yep, you’ve guessed it!) thirty-something Londoner Jordi Sinclair. This blog contains a mixture of  London date ideas and general dating articles full of no-bullshit honesty. Jordi has also gone on to launch his own dating events start-up Smudged Lipstick (love the name!), which runs cool alternative dating events around London, and will soon be launching in other UK cities too.


5 Ways To Deal With A Stalker

Never Settle

One key ingredient to a great blog is a great name, and Never Settle has that one DOWN- such a lovely positive message. Twenty-something Londoner Eve Greenow writes about a variety of dating and relationshippy topics, plus a bit of lifestyle stuff too. A finalist in last year’s Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards, Eve has also branched out into YouTube so make sure to give her channel a watch!


Attachment Types: How To Find Your Perfect Match (really cool quiz!)


What are your favourite dating blogs? Let me know in the comments!



6 thoughts on “Dating Blogs To Follow

  1. I love “And That’s Why You’re Single”. Even though I’m not single, I still read it occasionally now. It tells daters what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear. It doesn’t sugar coat anything and isn’t afraid to call out bullshit



  2. Thanks for the shout! And The Rules Revisited is awesome – one of the few blogs I read while standing on my computer chair applauding. He hits the nail on the head so many times, it’s insane. Now, if only there was a men’s version…


    1. There’s a lot of “game” advice out there for men, but I’m way of showing it to my male friends who are struggling as a lot of the guys who write it are really bitter and angry towards women which isn’t a great attitude to have.

      From what I’ve seen this book is really good though: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rules-Game-Stylelife-Challenge-Diaries/dp/1847672523/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1486501262&sr=1-1&keywords=the+rules+of+the+game

      They had a really good chapter on limiting beliefs which I thought was definitely worth a read.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There is, and that’s the problem. There’s a lot to sift through. It would be immensely helpful if there was a comprehensive blog that broke things down the same way as The Rules Revisited. I’ve heard a lot about Neil Strauss – seen him in YouTube clips and interviews and he seems to know his shit very well. From what I heard, his book is essentially the bible for men. Maybe that’s what I’m looking for.

        Limiting beliefs…?


      2. Yeah, it looked pretty good when I flicked through it. Yeah, there was a section debunking a lot of the myths guys come out with like “women don’t like nice guys” etc.

        Liked by 1 person

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