The Importance Of Confidence When Dating

Last week, I decided to run a little social experiment of Plenty of Fish. My height is currently listed as 5’9″ (I actually came in at 5’8.1″ last time I got measured, but you have to round up to account for the Male Height Exaggeration), and I get some messages, but not the hundreds you hear about women on dating sites getting. So for research purposes, I changed by height to 5’3″ for a day to see what the outcome would be.

The next day, the number of messages I received doubled. They were mostly weird, so no big loss, but I decided to announce my findings on Twitter.

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I Don’t Have Casual Sex, And It’s None Of Your Business

This post is a response to this post on Essays And Wine.

My name is Alice, and I don’t have casual sex.

Yep, I’m one of those girls. Maybe you are one. Maybe you’re friends with one. Or maybe you live in a bubble and would rather deny we exist. But I’m one of those girls who say things like “I need to feel a connection”. One of those girls who is on Tinder looking for a relationship. One of those girls who would happily be married with  a couple of kids by now, but just never met the right guy. Maybe I’m just the kind of girl you want to be mates with. Or maybe I’m your worst nightmare.

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Why People Lie In Their Online Dating Profiles

Anyone who’s been on a few dates from either a dating website or a dating app knows that while some people resemble their profile, others erm… don’t. Whether it’s knocking years off their age, adding inches to their height, or selecting their aspirational body type rather than their actual body type, a lot of daters are, how shall I put this? Economical with the truth.

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6 Dating Rules To Break

Dating is a tricky area to give advice on, as you’re not dealing with facts, you’re dealing with fickle humans. So you could do everything right and get it wrong, or do everything wrong and get it right, if that makes sense. However, many people try, and some even earn a living from doing so.

While sometimes it seems like everyone is telling you something different, there are certain rules or advice that seem to crop up again and again. Some of it may be useful, but some of it I have to disagree with. Here’s when I think you should rip up the rule book.

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In Defense Of Tinder

First came online dating. Then came Tinder. Other apps tried, but never quite failed to gain the same level of fame. It’s just so simple, yet so effective. Do you think you could be interested in this person? Swipe left for no, right for yes. If you both say yes, message, then meet. Easy.

Yet, almost everywhere you look, someone has something negative to say about the app. Due to the low barriers to entry, anyone can join, which sadly means the app has gained a bit of a bad reputation as a hook-up app. However, I still think it’s worth doing.

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3 Things I Learned About Love In 2016

2016 was a big year for me. I volunteered with elephants in Thailand, had the nose job I’d wanted since I was 15, changed jobs, changed flats, and reconnected with old friends.

However, the one thing that eluded me was men. Don’t get me wrong, there were men. But no-one that I really connected with. Dating success is still something that I have yet to experience. However, they say that you learn more from failure than you do from success. So here are the main pearls of wisdom I picked up last year, in the hope that it will help you on your own journey to romantic happiness.

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