5 Reasons To Do Coffee Dates

From my very unscientific research from Twitter, I get the impression that people seem to dislike coffee dates. Women want the guy to “invest more”. And men… just rarely suggest them.

I on the other hand disagree. I mean, if you’re meeting someone you actually like, go ahead and splash out a bit more. But for a first date (blind date, that is), coffee dates are the perfect option.

Here’s why.

reasons to do coffee dates

1. You get to talk

Adventurous activities can be great fun with someone you know a little better. But the whole point of a first date is to see if you actually like each other. So it’s good to go somewhere where you actually get to talk. Coffee dates provide minimal distractions, so you can focus on getting to know one another.

2. Cut-off point

Anyone who’s done online dating can attest to the fact that you kind of know in the first five minutes whether you want to see that person again. And it’s always a sinking feeling when you look at the person, think “Oh God no”, and realise you have to sit through the rest of the date. But the great thing about coffee dates is that you don’t really buy more than one coffee. So even if you really wanted to, it’s difficult to make the date last longer than an hour and a half max. Drinks dates can be hard to end as people always buy more drinks. Dinner and other activities have cut-off points, but they tend to be a bit longer. But with coffee, you can easily be out after an hour if the guy turns out to be weird.

3. Low cost

Dating is a numbers game. You have to date a lot of frogs before you find your Prince, but if you’re doing dinner or drinks each time that shit mounts up. But with coffee, £3.50 and you’re done. Nice.

4. No alcohol

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two on a date. However, there’s always one person who goes overboard. Luckily places like Starbucks don’t tend to have a licence, so you can save yourself the trouble.

5. Romantic potential

I’m not saying a coffee date is guaranteed to be romantic. After all, on a blind date there’s a 95% chance you’re not going to see that person again. But on the off chance you did turn out to like each other, a coffee date could be the perfect venue for those sparks to sizzle. “A few drinks at the pub” is not a date. End of. Bars are a bit hit and miss- the right place could have sexy vibe, but could also be so loud you can’t hear each other talk. But a quirky coffee shop could have that cozy romantic feel where a beautiful relationship can blossom.

25 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Do Coffee Dates

  1. I love the idea of an ice cream date! You get to talk about fav flavors – sample new ones – & it’s a playful date in general :)) all agreed on coffee dates too. Dinner dates are waaay too long & kinda boring in the beginning!

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  2. Spot on, Alice! I loved the coffee date when I was dating. No fuss, no hassle. It allows you to focus on what is important – getting to know each other. As you rightly point out, if it’s a bad date it gives you an excuse to leave. If it’s a good date, you part wanting more.

    I hope you don’t mind me posting this link, but it’s a man’s perspective on why coffee dates are great:


      1. guess he never thought that you can have a second cup of coffee. and if it’s going really well, share a pastry or two.

        god, are the guys in the UK really that thick???


      2. Well the whole point is that people don’t tend to get a second cup of coffee so it’s over quicker. But if you like each other you can just meet up again!


      3. or, you ask if she would like to go with you and move to the ice cream or cupcake place down the street.

        that’s a good way to tell if he or she is interested or not. if he’s not he won’t ask, and if she’s nor she’ll say she can’t.


  3. After one too many coffee dates I’m fucking sick of them. It’s like being on a job interview. I’d rather do something more active and fun, or at very least something that involves food. That said, I agree with your list… with the exception of number 5. Anything beats going to a bar, but coffee shops don’t strike me as “romantic” in any way.


    1. I get what you mean, if you go for food or some kind of activity you can at least enjoy what you’re doing even if the date is boring. I think coffee could be romantic though if you both fancy each other.


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